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Just over a week since I let my boy go. The hurt is still strong and the longing still intense but the story must go on…. Phoenix still needs all the love and support and attention we can give her to help her adjust to the new dynamics and my little boy who’s just a toddler – well there is still all the fun and games that comes along with that! As a family we miss Zuki terribly, there were a lot of tears, usually at silly things. For example this morning at 7.30am when the bin men arrived to collect the rubbish, the house was quiet, sadly quiet, as it was always Zuki’s job to tell those bin men to get lost (and wake the whole house and the baby while doing so :)) and I think I’ll always miss those things. Who’s going to dash to the front door shouting at nobody when a doorbell rings on the telly?? I had Zuki 10 years and never lived in a house with a doorbell, so where the heck did he learn to associate that sound with someone being at the front door?? Never did suss it out, he was just too smart for his own good!

However, I think a new addition is on the horizon for us, a lost soul who needs somewhere to call home, and his name is Zeus. As some of you who have followed my blog will know we moved to a small island called Jersey, off the coast of France about 2 years ago. As you can imagine White German shepherds aren’t that popular here and Zuki soon caught a lot of peoples attention and the dog community rallied to follow his story through the good times and the bad and everyone shed a tear at his passing, the out pouring of sympathy and loss made my heart burst, I was so proud of Zuki. But back to the story, so when a 3 year old white shepherd needed a new home through no fault of his own word soon travelled to us. This boy was 3 years old and had been through 3 homes and the 3 long stints in the animal shelter. Absolutely nothing poor Zeus had done, the first family unexpectedly fell pregnant with their 5th child and couldn’t cope and took him to the shelter, he was then rehomed with a guy who used him as a status dog and taught him so pretty unsociable behaviour and then ended up in prison meaning Zeus was back in the shelter, and finally his latest family took him on but really don’t have the time or experience to handle him correctly and although are doing everything in their power to give him a good life and love him, he cant stay long term, so they turned to us. We obviously knew the situation we were in with Zuki being terminal and always knew another dog would be on the cards at some point, but to be introduced to a dog before Zuki went was never in the plan. But Zeus captured us. Zuki (hope your keeping up with the similar names!!) was always a people dog and had a tendency to be overly dominant with dogs he didn’t take a fancy too, as a full male a lot of this behaviour was just instinctual and we always managed it understanding where Zuki’s boundaries where and it never stopped us taking him out and about and socialising him if we were conscious and sensible, but to bring another large, younger, 4 legged male into Zuki’s home I always thought would be an unreal expectation so initially we had agreed to take Zeus on walks with Phoenix to give them both some stimulation and interaction as Zuki couldn’t do the long fast walks anymore. Well on day 1 Zeus met Zuki, in a neutral open space and to my surprise both accepted each other without even a curled lip! Zuki happily watched while Phoenix and Zeus chased each other around, I think he was lying there shaking his head old man style saying ‘silly pups!’ Well after 2 times of meeting with no issues whatsoever we got brave and brought Zeus home and the 3 relaxed together quite happily

thumbnail_20161013_201159 Zuki on the left, Zeus on the right and Phoenix at the back.


Over the course of about 2 months or so we had many play dates and sleep overs and Zuki seemed to approve of Zeus – and to me that’s the fundamental reason why after only a week or so I can even contemplate Zeus becoming a full time member of our pack. Zuki met him, Zuki liked him and Zuki allowed him in his home – he got the paws up 🙂

So yesterday was the first time since loosing Zuki that we had Zeus for the day, we wont be taking him on full time until the new year as we have a holiday coming up and want to continue to mourn Zuki and allow things to settle a bit but also we want to get to know Zeus more and Zeus to become more comfortable with us to make his move as unstressful as possible. We are really fortunate to be in a position where we know the dogs background (good and bad but especially that he is an absolute dream with kids) and can do a gradual transition. Having a young child and quite a timid other dog we couldn’t just rehome any dog.

Well yesterday was a fun day for all – the dogs had an absolute blast. We had arranged a group dog walk at the beach with a load of the girls from the yard where I keep my horse. 10 dogs in all, different sizes, different temperaments and backgrounds. Due to Zeus being exposed to some bad behaviour when he was a status dog the animal shelter had advised that he shouldn’t be around other dogs as he isn’t well socialised. Now I’m no expert and try not to defy advise I am given by people who are qualified but an animal shelter is an alien environment and we had witnessed Zeus with Phoenix and Zuki and he had given us no reason to doubt his temperament, he loves other dogs and playing and being free so we thought he deserved to come along on the group walk. We did muzzle him just to be on the safe side but he really didn’t need it, he was such a good boy and played nicely with everyone 🙂



I have to say it felt nice to have 2 dogs in the house again, lounging around and just bringing even more love into our home. Zuki still has pride of place with his pictures and his ashes and will always be a fundamental part of our family. But Zeus is just the next chapter in our journey.

img-20161120-wa0010 thumbnail_20161120_190212

I’m a bit of a fraud here now as I no longer have a tripawd but the love and support I have had from this community is priceless and I will stay connected in Zuki’s memory

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12 Responses to “The story will always go on…..”

  1. hester said:

    You are no fraud, you belong here and will always be a part of this community. I am so moved by this story – it is so special that Zuki gave his paws up approval and was welcoming of Zeus for visits in your home. You honor him by giving Zeus, finally, the home he needs. Well done – especially in being so deliberate and thoughtful about the transition. I wish our remaining dog, Mia, were not such a terrible resource guarder. We have managed her issues for 9 years now. Pofi was good to her and here first – without him she is lonely, but so poor at dog interaction she will remain an only dog for the rest of her golden years.

    I look forward to hear more about Zeus settling in with you and Phoenix.

    Lisa and Angel Pofi

  2. Zuki said:

    Thank you Lisa! Our stories followed such a similar path it is comforting to know your support and experience is there. I am convinced Zuki’s cancer had spread to his spine (like bailey and Pofi) although my vets said it was unlikely. The symptoms and timeframes are just so similar, I cant dismiss the likelihood because of medical statistics.

    Its scary taking on another dog though. Zuki was my first proper pet, the first animal I had to euthanize and the thought of ever having to do that again terrifies me, but on the other hand I just can’t imagine a life without Ben (the horse)and Phoenix and now Zeus. The joy they bring will always out way the sacrifice of heart break.

    I’m so sorry Mia is missing Pofi dearly, it retches at my stomach to see them sad, when you cant explain why their friend is not around. But just throw all the love and attention you have at her. She will adjust in time. That’s all you can do if she’s not comfortable with another dog that would only be more stressful for her. Sending you big hugs, stay brave and troop one xxx

    Loving memory of Zuki Wuggafer

  3. midnighter94 said:

    It is funny, isn’t it, how they bark at things like doorbells without being taught what they are? Ours also bark at the mailman, who drives by 6 days a week lol. Oh well, I don’t want a quiet house, or a clean one either.
    I love that Zuki approved of Zeus. That is amazing, and most people don’t get that. You are wonderful to give him a loving home, a final home.
    And I agree, you’re not a fraud! You can stay at this site forever! You still have plenty to share. No one gets kicked out .. once you’re family, you stay <3

  4. Zuki said:

    Haha if we past a postman on his bike while out in the car zuk’s would have a pop at him through the window! I did feel soory for those guys 🙂 I couldn’t agree more, I think there was more sand in my kitchen than was left on the beach after yesterdays adventure and I LOVED IT!!

    Yep he will have a final home, a bed and bowl to call his own for all his years to come. I hope he is happy when he moves in (as you can see from the sofa pic above I’m not too worried, he seems pretty relaxed :))

    Thank you Donna, this place really is a family. And even though Zuki has gone I can talk about him and reminisce all day long and no one gets bored of me gassing on about my dog (well hopfully) xx

  5. otisandtess said:

    You are no more a fraud than Gator and I! So glad that Zeus is finding a home with you, and I love that Zuki met him and they all got along. I really wish Otis and Tess could have met Gator – he was also identified for our family before Tess passed.

  6. dobemom said:

    Zuki picked out a beautiful companion for you to save…..his excepting Zeus, and letting you know he approved of the match allows you to move forward. It seems it was meant to be, and Zeus will have an amazing fur-ever home. I’m sure Zuki is looking down and smiling. And yes, you will always be family, and we look forward to hearing about all the adventures that await you.

    Paula and Nitro

  7. Zuki said:

    Thank you all. We havent told many people about our intentions to take on Zeus as we don’t want people to miss judge the situation so it’s wonderful that I can share our excitement here without feeling like we are disrespecting Zuki in any way. You guys understand. We love all our dogs deeply and zuki will always be super special x

  8. jerry said:

    Fraud? Haha NEVER! Even though Zuki is an angel now, your experience as a Tripawd family is invaluable to the community. We love that you are continuing Zuki’s legacy by sharing Zeus’ story and how you’re adding him to the pack. Thank you for that.

    Being total German Shepherd suckers ourselves, it’s clear that you have exactly what it take to make sure Zeus will no longer end up in a shelter. What a very lucky boy. And I love that he and Zuki actually met, AND got along. Amazing, and a real sign that you and all exactly where you need to be. Zeus will always be a beautiful signal that Zuki’s spirit is strong and never far.

    We can’t wait to see more pictures and find out how things go, when you’re ready of course. Congratulations!

  9. Michelle said:

    Once a family member always a family member. You are no more a fraud than I am. I stayed here because I have friends who are more of a family than some of my own family. I am also here to help others in honor of Sassy.
    Sassy says no frauds around here 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear from about the new addition.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  10. linda8115 said:

    I love how Zuki gave his blessing for you to bring Zeus into your heart and home before he passed. He knew love is best shared. Bless you guys and Zuki for being able to share love even though your hearts still hurt.

  11. benny55 said:

    DITTO EVERYONE!! Zuki brought you here to us and he brought you Zeus!!’ He, and we, want you to share this new adventure with Zeus! Zkie clearly orchestrated this whole scenario…and wiht a massive amount of approval! Sounds like Phoenix agrees too! 🙂

    Once a family member, always a family member…three or four legs, it doesn’t matter. We are all united be this journey in a way no others could possibly understand!

    I KNOW you miss Zuki terrible and the grief is still suffocating on some days. There is no timeframe on grief, znd certainly no timeframe on when it’s the “right” time to bring another dog into your home. It ks A@WAYS the right time to let a dog bring color back into yiur grey days, or to bring back the sound of a WOOF into a silent home!

    I know Zuki is watching all this unfold with Zeus and Phoenix, and he’s lrretty darn pleased with himself!! I bet he’s having a blast chasing lostmen on bikes at the Bridge! Such a great visua@!!
    Will look forward to more updates and pictures of Zeus as he takes up residence in ykur home, and in yiur heart, right next to Zuki 🙂

    Lots of love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  12. Zuki said:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Such wonderful, encouraging words from you all. Perfect example of why I want to be a part of this most amazing, inspiring and empowering family xxxx

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